Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Java Force to the Fore!

Since the last 60 years our country is trying to get success in development through building our nation. This is the most important and major topic which has been discussed and argued over and over again in Sri Lankan political fractions. With the intention of building the nation, our leaders have taken many actions and had tried various experiments but yet we couldn’t see a vivid success in development. In my view there is no point of blaming each party, personalities or their policies because all of us should take responsibility for that as none of us had done anything to build our nation individually. None of our politicians can build our nation without the support of our people.

But some people may question; can we build a whole nation particularly as a single person. The answer is NO! Because a nation represents not only a group of people with similar qualities but quite a massive number of people with various attitudes with their own identities. So does that mean that as an individual we cannot support to build our nation? The answer is ‘why not! Why can’t we? We can if we actually try’. We can build our nation if we stick together in brotherhood with one goal; that is to build the nation.

JAVA force has risen up with the above intention on the arms of young, energetic, enthusiastic intellectuals to achieve success in the task ahead of us. The concept was brought forward by Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana two years back through Java Sri Lanka and then it was evaluated by Mr. Sachindra Karunatileke and created a thrill amongst the youth. This is not another experiment of building our nation but the turning point of our economy. This is a Brain Based Economy; a novel and ideal concept of Dr.Ishantha Siribaddana. As a 3rd world country with limited capital and low income per capita; brain based economy is the most efficient way of building our nation. The major target of this Java Force is mostly to grab the ownership of Java to Sri Lanka through the main event in this calendar year which is the Java World Congress.

Java is one of the open source programming language which is widely accepted around the world today. According to the analysis conducted by experts it has been certified that Java has surpassed many programming languages and now rank the number one position with the most dignity. Why is Java so powerful? The reason is that it makes programming so simple as it is object oriented, platform independent, portable, interpreted, robust , dynamic and a high performance language.

The Java Force vision is to promote this language in Sri Lanka and use it for the betterment of our mother nation. But one may think is the Java Force capable to accomplish the above scenario? Are we competent enough as a third world country? How will it impact in the future? Have we got the adequate resources for that? If we conceptualize it in brief the answer is simple; “Yes we can” as the Java Force is prepared to conquer whatever obstacles which comes in their path. Sri Lanka is a small island with limited human resources but if we guide these young blood in proper and significant way we can use their innovative minds to capture the world with Java technology. Furthermore the Java force is determined to build entrepreneurs by giving a good knowledge with high standards to the Sri Lankans.

Java World Congress is to be held in November 2010 in our mother nation. It is a great honor and a pride for us Sri Lankans to be the host of such an immense event. This is a great experience and a huge opportunity to show off our talents and skills to the international community. We should all join hands as a nation to make this event a success as it would bring revenue to our country and also give Sri Lanka an excellent recognition. The Java World Congress has organized many occasions in collaboration with the main event.

So let’s all stick together to build the nation. Join with us as this the way, this is your chance and this is the time to give our mother nation the fullest support as if this event becomes a success it is the triumph of the youth and it is for the betterment of our country. Don’t miss this opportunity and you are never too late. Java Force wants you to build our nation.

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Written by

Monthila Gurusinghe

(ex-House Leader –Juventa)

(ex-Brigadier in Java Force)

IJTS Batch No : 27


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